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Doreen Pappas


The value that Doreen brings to CFO by design is centered on the wide array of work experiences she has enjoyed while operating at all levels of accounting. From filling small but vital roles for large organizations within the banking, insurance, and construction industries where she made routine habit of improving existing accounting practices, to being the sole accounting resource for smaller religious and recreational-based entities where she was responsible for the development and creation of new processes, Doreen has a proven history of outstanding self-management and self-development. She constantly strives for one hundred percent accuracy in everything she does; her innate attention to detail and her outstanding work ethic are the reasons Doreen has always been such a valued asset for her employers to have. She can easily and effectively dive into the weeds as she can see the larger picture. To put it bluntly, she gets the job done!

Doreen attended both Robert Morris College and DePaul University and has effectively worked with individuals and corporations located in a wide expanse of geographical environments, including: Texas, Illinois, Nevada, Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky.

    More about Doreen:

    • Who are three people you’d love to have dinner with? My obvious first three choices would be my three adult children who I don't get to see often. Beyond that, my aunt, Robin Roberts, and Stevie Nicks.
    • Favorite Quote: "What we do not change we choose."
    • Most people don’t know that I - Am afraid to fly.
    • Favorite sports team: Born and raised in Chicago- Southside Cubbies fan!!